Friday, February 20, 2009

A New Name for My Blog

Now that I have been in the MS blogging community for awhile, I have decided to change the name. When I first started out, I wanted this to be my journal or journey, but once I started seeing other blogs, I loved the clever, sarcastic, witty and hysterical names people had for their MS blogs. I want a cool name, too!

After seeing the phrase "compromised myelin" on Trevis's blog, I fell in love with the name and thought it would suit my ramblings quite nicely.

Coming up in the next few days, some major updates on Skelaxin and insurace copays (Bastards!).




Cool pic ya got other there. >>>

Sisterhood of The Compromised Myelin - so what does own have to do to join the "sisterhood"? Always gotta be part of the gang. lol.

Kelley said...

You already ARE part of the sisterhood. This is an open organization for anyone with Compromised Myelin!

Join the party, sister!