Friday, January 2, 2009

It's a New Year! And a New Copay! Bastards!

Thanks, health insurance company. Because I take a specialty drug, I now must pay $150/month copay for my Copaxone, as opposed to the 2008 copay of $50/month. Bastards!

I knew this was coming in November and have adjusted the budget with GH accordingly, as well as counting this new expense in re-figuring my flexible spending account for 2009 health care reimbursements. When I received the lovely package outlining our new options for 2009, I really nearly started screaming at someone. There was a separate brochure, all pretty and shiny, outlining the drugs considered "specialty" drugs. Before this list, there was a paragraph explaining why these drugs are so expensive. And, I kid you not, the first sentence says something to the effect of, "injectible drugs that treat conditions like multiple sclerosis." I was feeling a bit persecuted. Bastards!

I contacted Shared Solutions and they sent the paperwork to enroll in their discount program. I was accepted, so they will pay $50 of my copay. So now, my copay for 2009 is only double what I paid in 2008. Bastards!

All bitching aside, I am grateful that I have the income to pay for Copaxone. But what about those who can't? I know there are other programs for which they may qualify, but how do they find out about them? Since I began my MS journey, so many people have told me that you must be proactive about your health care. It is so true!

To all my dear readers, may you have a very healthy and happy 2009!




Happy New Year Kelley!!!

Congrats on the honor from the University. Too bad you can't use what money it was going to be to pay for Copaxone copays. (lol)

Regarding Copaxone and insurance, I've had quite an experience which is shared (a bit) in the following posts. Make sure that you're in a good mood before you start reading.

Kelley said...

OMG! This is what I'm talking about! This is insane!

As you know, I'm still pretty new in the MS world, but I want to know how to make a significant difference, as you are doing. What solutions can we offer? To whom do we scream and yell to create change in the system?

I have a feeling I will become a regular pain to my Congressman and Senator. I tried to vote those a-holes out, but now I'll take pleasure in bugging them on a regular basis!


Lazy Julie said...

Congratulations and Happy New Year, Kelly. If you'd like me to add your insurance company to my nasty letter list, let me know.

Thanks, too, for the large print tip.