Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Six month followup

How did I get here? Start at So it begins...

So, I'm skipping ahead to the present. I'll fill in the gaps later.

I saw my neurologist yesterday and learned that I have NO active lesions and no new lesions! Woohoo! Copaxone seems to be working well for me. I had a gut feeling it would, since my mom has been on it for seven years without a relapse. Although I had some bothersome site injection reactions for the first four or five months, they have substantially subsided. I guess my body has become accustomed to the medication. Yay! The only new thing I will try is some medication to keep me from getting up at all hours of the night to pee. Sorry if this is a little TMI for you gentle readers. I know you other MSers get it. ;)

I've also started physical therapy for a problem I'm having with my left shoulder. I don't know how much is MS and how much is from a broken collarbone in 1995 (a great story I'll post some other time). It's probably a mixture of both. Anyway, the therapist gave me toys to take home to help me do my homework exercises. I am trying to stay away from pain or muscle relaxing medications. They make me stupid! If the pain gets to a point that I cannot tolerate, I will try medication. I am a firm believer in "better living through modern chemistry." I know that is almost contradictory, but that's me! ;)

Needless to say, the Goat-Hub (my wonderful husband who does a fabulous Goat-Boy impression) and I were very pleased with the news. Goat-Hub always goes with me to the doctor, in case I forget to bring up a point. However, we had made a list of symptoms, questions and issues I have experienced since my last appointment. Since my handwriting is atrocious, even before MS, I typed the list. The doctor was thrilled that I came so prepared and asked for a copy to put in my file. I try to be a good patient and proactove as much as possible. It is really nice when that is appreciated. I have heard so many horror stories about impatient and unsympathic physicians and I am so glad I have caring doctors.

So, I don't see the neurologist again for six months, unless I have a problem. Hopefully, I won't!



Abby said...

Hey Kelley-congrats on the good news!! No neuro docs for awhile-my dream. I will get there soon I hope.

Interesting to see that your mom has MS also. So does my mom. I fear for my daughter if I let myself really think about it, but I try to avoid that in my head. She's only 9 right now, so I hope when she is older there will be a cure. Fingers crossed!!

I can't wait to hear more! I'm going to add you to my links list if that's ok.

Kelley said...

Thanks, Abby! That would be great!




I'm behind on blog reading and it was nice to see that you had posted this awesome news. And thanks so much for emailing me as well; we can continue to swap OU/Pride stories.