Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cold Day at the Casa

I cannot believe it, but the university canceled classes and closed the offices today. I'm really glad, because it is treacherously icy outside. Although GH had prepared everything in the event that we lost power like in the Great Ice Storm of 2007, we are happily powered here at Casa F.

I've spent the day cuddling with JJ and reading for my Mark Twain course. GH has been organizing all of our receipts for the accountant. He determined that our medical expenses went from approximately $2,100 in 2007 to over $8,000 in 2008. Damn you, MS!

Unless the road conditions deteriorate more, I have to be at work by noon tomorrow. Ah, another day of sleeping in! I didn't get up today until after 10:00. It was awesome!

I think the new drugs are working. I'll see my internist tomorrow and let him know everything is OK. Thanks for words of encouragement.

OK, I just updated on Facebook that I am getting on the treadmill, so I should really do that.




Enjoy sleeping in and be safe walking around on the ice. I wasn't in OK at the time, but I did see and hear a lot about the horrible ice storms. It was certainly a amazing feat of nature.

I gotta get on preparing for taxes too. As a self-employed person, there's lots to figure out. MS really does do a job on the medical expenses though.

I think I told you at one point that in 2006 my medical expenses (not even counting insurance premiums) totaled more than $15,000. Ouch!!! And that was after receiving about $10K of help with drug costs and reduced counseling fees (after insurance coverage ran out) to only $10 a session.

2006 was certainly a tough year, even more expensive than the year I was diagnosed. Go figure.

herrad said...

Curious asa to whether your new medication is working.
What is Skelaxin like?
I am using bacxlofen and it sems to be controlling the spasms, not sure what else its doing.
Well good luck and happy uddling up together as much as you can.
Keep warm and happy.
ps my partners/carers blog

steve said...

Hope you made it through last night's storms OK. The same line blew through Austin around 10pm. First thunderstorm of the spring season for us. Luckily no tornadoes this far south.

Diane J Standiford said...

taxes, MS drugs, I hear my wallet ripping...