Monday, May 11, 2009

A New Blog for Caregivers

My darling GH, whom I've mentioned numerous times in my blog, has started his own blog for caregivers. It is titled "Brainfingers". I hope you sisters and brothers out there will persuade your significant others to stop by his blog.

After attending several MS seminars with me, he really feels a need to share with others, especially men, dealing with a loved one's coping with MS.

He is my rock who never lets me feel too sorry for myself and kicks my ass when needed for motivation.

Please feel free to pass the link along to other MSers and caregivers.

I'll have an update on my recent doings in the next couple of days. So much exciting stuff to share!




Your deary left a comment on my blog! Made the connection right away... :-)

Lanette said...

Fabulous! I am going to make sure my hubby reads this new blog!