Thursday, May 28, 2009

It's My MS-iversary

One year ago today I received my "official" diagnosis of MS from a neurologist. What a year it's been! When I reminded GH about it today, he said, "Un-gratulations!" What a thoughtful GH!

In retrospect, it really hasn't been a bad year. I have been extremely fortunate, in that I have not had any exacerbations. Some minorly annoying symptoms, yes, but nothing too troublesome.

What have I learned from my first year of living with MS? A lot. I slow down and listen to my body when it speaks (at least most of the time). I have tried to make some lifestyle changes (made my Copaxone injection a part of my daily routine, tried to quit smoking, but have fallen off that wagon) and will hopefully make more, one babystep at a time. I have learned to be proactive and be my own advocate when dealing with my medical professionals and how to yell at insurance companies without cursing at them. I have learned to become part of the political process in a more active role than I have ever played before.

I have learned where to get reliable information about MS symptom management and support. The MS blogosphere is a fantastically informative and encouraging space. I have become active with my chapter of the National MS Society, having attended workshops and fundraising events and I fully intend to do more in the future.

I have learned that there are comfortable, stable and cute shoes for low prices. I am constantly reminded of how many people in my life care about me and want to help. I have also developed a deeper personal faith in God, who continues to smile upon me.

The main thing I have learned is just how incredibly blessed I am. Thank you all for helping me along this road less traveled. I could have curled up in the fetal position and stayed there for the last year, but with everyone's help and encouragement, I came out to play.



Living Day to Day with Multiple Sclerosis said...

Happy MS-iversary!!! Normally I would say and many more...LOL... In this case I am going to respond with...In hopes that they will find a cure so you don't have many more.

O.K. I have to say.... That the word verification here is 10 letters long... That is ridiculous!!

Lisa Emrich said...

How about a "pro-gratulations"!! I prefer pros anyways. I'm so glad that you are part of our blogosphere and that we've "re-met"...kinda sorta there college band comrade. I've learned alot from reading your kind and supportive words over these several months. Thank you.

Brainfinger said...

Its been a GOOD year! We've learned so much, met so many wonderful people, and gained so much respect for those with bigger hills to climb.
You have interacted with so many fellow MSers, and offered assistance. We've met wonderful Dr. Prado, and learned of the many assistive (a new Colbert-inspired word!) people and programs out there to help others so afflicted. And, you helped defeat that unthinkable bill in the Oklahoma legislature, May the next year bring you continued health and interest in your fellow-"fingered" females (and males, too).


My grandmother used to say, "Life will continue on, with or without us...might as well enjoy the ride!"

Diane J Standiford said...

You're an actress too! MS all but ended that for me, though I did do a radio commercial...LOL, so act all you can, it may only get harder as your "tool" leaves your command. HEY, one year---you made it! Time flies, enjoy it all.

Lanette said...

I was diagnosed 6 years ago last Feb 24th and I will never forget that day. Glad to hear your first year has gone smoothly, hopefully you will continue on a blessed path! :)