Monday, April 6, 2009

A Site You Should Check Out

I received this from Stuart. I hope you will check out his site. It is very useful; kind of a catch-all for all the latest MS news.

Whether an MS patient, a caregiver or a medical professional:
If you are not yet receiving the weekly MS e-Newsletter, titled "Stu's Views and MS Related News", or having access to our website and MS blog, then please consider registering after reading the information found below:


MS Views and News
Our Mission: We are dedicated to the global collection and distribution
of current information concerning Multiple Sclerosis. In collaboration with
other organizations, MS Views and News uses state-of-the-art communication
channels to provide information for those affected by, or interested, in MS.

Enter a place where information and knowledge is provided for anybody affected by Multiple Sclerosis. This includes the patients, caregivers, medical providers and/or anybody just interested in having availability to MS information.

On our website's homepage (, you will find a link to register for our website and weekly publication of "Stu's Views and MS Related News", an MS e-Newsletter.

Other features of the MS Views and News website includes:

* Our MS Resources sections of many other Multiple Sclerosis organization weblinks and a video library.

* Find our articles from Ask the MS Nurse and Occupational Therapist. There is a learning .pdf on Achieving Wellness.

* Additionally, click the link found on the left side of homepage to view our Library of MS Archives (

Important information is found within each sponsor Information Ad found on this site. Click each to view beneficial information.

A Must see is our MS BLOG (, where you will find easy-to-read MS articles. Thru this blog you will have access to many other MS informational resources and organizations as well as other MS bloggers. Find the category listings and other links found on the right side column of this blog to help you to better understand Multiple Sclerosis.

On the MS Views and News website, you will find MS Facts and information

in more than (11) different languages. (This is beneficial and much needed

for MS patients or family members/caregivers who don't read or fully

understand English, but need Multiple Sclerosis information).

Once you are registered, you will begin receiving our weekly MS e-Newsletter

MS Views and News, Inc., strives to keep the MS patient and caregiver,

informed and up-to-date with MS News and Information

If you have any information, questions or comments, please send an email to Stuart Schlossman (

As a Reminder:

I am not authorized to answer specific questions regarding medical diagnosis or treatment.

Should your inquiry deal with such specifics, you should contact a physician or other qualified healthcare provider. If your inquiry is of a more general nature, please feel free to contact me, by email.

Warm Regards, Stuart Schlossman

revised – February 2009

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