Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Timely Vacation

We just returned from a little sojourn to San Antonio to see GH's family. We traveled by car since gas prices have dropped so much (paid $1.32/gallon when we left), so I got a lot of pleasure reading done on the lengthy drive.

GH's cousin was in TX visiting his daughter & son-in-law. His ex-wife lives a few doors down; they are on very good terms, a very amicable divorce. Anyway, Diana is in her 60s and has been living with MS for about 40 years. In GH's Jewish culture, the timeliness of this visit is what is known as bashert, or loosely translated, "destiny."

Although I already have an example of living with MS very close to me (hi, Mom!), I always find it refreshing to meet and know others with MS who live the way I hope to live. Diana is a very vivacious person who truly lives her life to the fullest. We talked openly about MS, and she noted how much better I looked this year, as compared to last year. Mind you, last year I had not been diagnosed or had any indication that I had MS.

Anyway, I truly enjoyed spending time with Diana and the rest of the family. This was a great example of how to model my life. Take care of myself, conserve my energy when I can, and enjoy the people I love having in my life. Also, don't be afraid to ask for assistance! Diana uses a cane to walk; she also has a wheelchair for longer adventures (like the Riverwalk!), but she told me she uses her wheelchair more like a walker and loads her stuff on the seat. How's that for energy conservation?

This restful vacation has inspired me to make sure I prioritize the important things in my life so I can fully enjoy them! When I grow up, I want to be like Diana! ;)


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