Sunday, December 21, 2008

Cognitive Triumph

On Tuesday, I received a letter from the university where I work. This letter was from the head of the English department, my major. I was informed that the entire English department faculty had met earlier in the fall to vote on scholarships for English majors. I was awarded a scholarship that is given to the "best" students in the English department.

Well, I was a bit floored. You see, I decided to take advantage of my employee benefit of free tuition beginning in January of 2005 and decided to go back to school for an English major. Since so many of the credits from my other collegiate life transferred, all I had to take were major courses. So I've been chipping away, one course a semester, since that is the only way I can pursue this degree, working full=time and staying married, LOL!

I called the English department the next day to see what this scholarship entailed; I was hopeful that I could get some cash to buy my books for next semester. I was told to call the Financial Aid office. They told me that this particular scholarship is for tuition only and will be applied to my tuition before my employee tuition benefit kicks in. Oh, well. At least I was recognized for my abilities. That really means a lot, especially since my MS diagnosis. It's really nice to know that I can compete intellectually with students half my age, literally.

On a completely different note, I read about an interesting clinical trial that combines Copaxone and estriol. It looked like a no-brainer, win/win to me. You either receive Copaxone and estriol or Copaxone and placebo. I contacted the closest facility conducting the trial via phone and e-mail. Unfortunately, I do not qualify since I am already taking Copaxone. Bummer! :( At least I tried!

Anyone out there involved in this trial? It sounds really exciting!



Kathy Stepaniak said...

First off Kelley, congratulation on your site. I came here from what used to be called "Health Talk" I think it is "everyday health" now.

I just wanted to tell you that I have been accepted into the Copaxone ane Estriol clinical study. I have been on Copaxone since Feb 2005. They told me that if I was willing to "wash out" (go off Copaxone for three months) that I would be eligible. My last injection was March 17th. They said that I could receive Solumedrol IV if I needed to during the wash out period and unfortunately that is exactly what I am doing. (5 day 1 gram treatment with a taper) I have never done 5 days before or the taper and I am worried about it, but this attack seemed to warrant it. I guess the Copaxone was doing a lot of good. The reason I wanted to join the Clinical study is I have been having more attacks and my MRI has new lesions and even another "hole". Time to do something. I managed to make it through the paper hoops with regard to my records and age. I am 50 and the trial is only for women age 18 to 50. I was a kidney donor in 2000 so that had to be reviewed as well. Some time in June I will go in for the remaining tests and them start back on the Copaxone and Estriol at the same time. Because of my age, I thought this trial was a great fit for me. I have a 50/50 chance of getting the placebo, but I like being part of the greater good, should this show positive results.

Congratulations on your scholarship, I understand how much that must have meant to you!

Take care,

Kelley said...

Thanks for your comments. Do you have a blog or place where I can read updates of your progress? As I stated in this post, I am very interested in the study.

Best of luck!