Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What's All the Fuss About Vitamin D?

After reading quite a bit about vitamin D deficiency in those of us with MS, I decided to ask for testing on my vitamin D levels at last week's physical.

The results are in! The "normal" or "healthy" measurement of Vitamin D is a number from 30 to 80. Mine was 9. Therefore, I will stop by the pharmacy on the way home from work to pick up my prescription-strength vitamin D pills. The doctor was not only concerned with the MS aspect of this, but also bone density issues.

The fact that I had to specifically request this screening really irks me. One would think that a medical professional would know that once a person is diagnosed with MS, the vitamin D levels should be screened. This is not news. Articles were published regarding this topic back in 1984.

Nonetheless, I encourage all of you dear readers to get your vitamin D levels screened at your next blood-letting. You are your best advocate!

On another note, all of my other test results were positive. With the exception of elevated LDL cholesterol levels. Not in a danger zone yet, but with my family history (both of my parents go to the same PCP as I do and both have high cholesterol) the doctor would like me to make a few dietary and lifestyle changes before we go the medication route. I read that giving up smoking could help in that area, too, so here's to one week of being smoke-free! Yay!

How many of you in the MS blogosphere have been tested, what were the results and are you on supplements? Inquiring minds want to know!




My PCP wanted to check my D levels back in September at the same time as she checked my TSH.

The result came back a shocking 7.8 ng/mL, just about the same as yours. I started on the prescription green gel capsules at 3/week, then 1/week. In December, I added OTC D3 supplements at 2000UL daily.

Two weeks ago, I got tested again and now it's up to 44 ng/mL. So we've moved to prescription every other week and later just monthly, while keeping the OTC daily.

I hope that you can get yours up too. I actually did feel a difference, especially in my bones which had become very tender.

Amy said...

Wow - I have never had any neuro have my vitamin D levels tested - can't believe yours were that low...I am going to ask to get tested when I see my neuro at the end of the month - thanks for posting!!! I'm surprised after 4 years of this disease no one has ever tested my vitamin D level...i guess i feel stupid now assuming the neuro's know what they are doing considering i have seen 4 in three different cities thanks to my job...

Diane J Standiford said...

My D score was 24, Dr put me on 1,000 IU, then neuro pit me on 50,000 and a week later I was in ICU, taken off D, and er, here I am; I live in Seattle and just moved (one week out of ICU to assisted living home that will give me sun all summer. I will up my D the old fashioned way.

dawn stone said...

10 minutes outside during the daytime will give you all the vitamin D you need. Some people have trouble absorbing the vitamin d supplements, but everyone absorbs natural vitamin d. Svae your money.